Momentum Life Cover Overview

Momentum Life CoverWhen the primary sole bread winner dies, whether it is a natural cause from illness or an accident, it is definitely devastating both to the family and other close dependants. The dependants will be left in both an emotional and financial stress as their major source of financial income has suddenly come to a standstill.

A major accident or degenerative disease can as well have the same effect, with the extra burden being shared by the primary provider. It is in such times of misfortunes and major blows on the primary wage provider of the family that Momentum Life Insurance comes in. Momentum Life cover is tailored to provide you and your dependants or relatives a comprehensive and solid financial protection at the times of unfortunate events such as diseases or accidents.

Momentum life cover policy is one of the best policies in South Africa; it is tailored to cover you in a variety of circumstances as you take advantage of its flexibility. Depending on the sum you are willing to pay as the premium, you are free to choose from a wide range of coverage amounts. Momentum life insurance also goes ahead to efficiently and conveniently cover the urgent circumstances that may arise in your life and leave you with an inability to earn.

In the event of your death, whether from sickness or accident, your relatives gets a large sum of benefits amounting to the full insurance coverage that you had purchased. You will be pleased to realize that some of this money would be released as instant cash to your relatives within a period of 24 hours when your death certificate is delivered to Momentum. The instant cash released represents 10% of the entire benefits that your relatives are entitled to in the event of your death. These instant cash is meant to cater for immediate expenses that arise due to your death and may include catering for your funeral, settling some debts or any other expense that your relatives will see fit.

When your relatives have settled all other urgent matters, they can now claim the remaining sum of benefits which will be released immediately when the process is completed. Your relatives will be safely covered by the instant cash that will be able to pay for food, transport and other expenses until the main benefit is paid out.

One good thing with Momentum Life Insurance is that it is even more flexible and considers the fact that you might need these benefits urgently while you are still alive. You can receive these benefits in cases where you as a primary provider, contract a degenerative disease, develop a permanent disability or for some reason can no longer work. You can then use these benefits to cater for your living expenses, pay your medical bills or any other necessary expenses. This also ensures that your final days are free of financial stress or that you and your family can still live in comfortable and normal life conditions even if you are no longer working.

Simply put, Momentum life cover is an insurance cover that will get you covered from all angels by ensuring that you and your family gets a thorough financial protection in the event of your death or a devastating medical calamity.

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